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Two is better than one. If your like most people than you have one time or another locked yourself out of the car or forgetten your keys in the house. Long Beach Commercial Security provides fast and dependible solutions for all clients. Don't call a tow truck or break a window just to get your keys we will come to you.

We duplicate keys because we understand the unfortanate situation that people who accidentally lock themselves out of their house or car are in. If this happens to you, remember to stay calm and contact us. 

As a mobile locksmith company in the Ocean Park, WA area, we take pride in always being there for our clients. We’ll always have someone on hand to get you out of trouble. Car lockouts and door lock repair are our two most requested services. People who successfully break in their car or residence usually have a broken lock mechanism. 

We can duplicate keys on the spot to prevent further incident.You don’t have to break in ever again. Our cost-effective services can avoid you injury and save precious money. When you hire our team to unlock your car, rest assured your vehicle won’t be damaged.

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