Duplicate Keys at Long Beach Commercial Security

Since we have experienced several incidents like getting locked out of our home or automobile because of a misplaced key, availing a key duplication service that is accessible and budget-friendly is a must.

We duplicate keys for our customers at affordable prices. This is the safest and cheapest way to avoid business, automotive, or residential lockouts. You can entrust your keys to people you trust and leave a spare with you every time. This could prevent injury and property damage.

An important meeting in the way, yet you have to take public transportation instead of your car because you’ve lost your keys? Don’t fret, we duplicate car keys and invest in technologies that improve the process of key duplication.

At Long Beach Commercial Security, we care for each client. You never have to be stranded without your car keys or stay outside of your house. You’ll pride yourself with our key replacements as they are made with durable metals and avoid rust.

Do not hesitate to call Long Beach Commercial Security for all your locksmith and key duplication needs today. We proudly serve the Ocean Park, WA area. 


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